Kongsfjorden and the surrounding country are known to be one of the most beautiful fjord areas in Svalbard. In this area we find the former mining settlement of Ny-Ålesund, today an international centre for research, with a picturesque mix of old and new buildings. The islands and islets in the inner part of Kongsfjorden teem with birds. At the head of the fjord, mighty glaciers calve into the sea. All of this is framed by characteristic mountain formations. Situated at the north side of the fjord, London is a monument to past optimistic expectations for big money from the supply of marble to the world market. Further north-west lies Krossfjorden, with its cultural remains from the whaling period, Russian and Norwegian overwinterings and World War II. Large bird cliffs are also found here.

Looking from Ny-Ålesund towards mountains and glaciers east of Kongsfjorden. From the left we see two of The three crowns, Collethøgda, Pretender and Dronningfjella. Kongsbreen on the left and Kronebreen/Kongsvegen to the right, (Image: Marte Lundberg / The Norwegian Polar Institute)

Updated May 2015

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